Vintage French Apple- Crushing Round Trough

Vintage French Apple- Crushing Round Trough


A huge (12ft 6" / 3.8m diameter) hand carved double circle of granite in four sections. A horse would have been linked to a central post and pulled a mill stone over the apples in the grooved channel. The pulp was then removed and put then put through a press to make a cider or Calvados.


From Normandy, in France, this huge press is in particularly good condition and would make a very impressive turning circle outside the entrance to a country house


In four sections it could be assembled with waterproof joints and filled with water and water plants. With a statue, a tree, or other raised feature in the middle this could be a glorious addition to a gravel drive.


External Diameter                150" / 3.8m (Outside Rim)

Internal Channel Width        17.5" / 44.5cm

Internal Channel Depth        12" / 30.5 cm

External Channel Depth        About 16-17" / 40-43 cm (it varies from section to section as the press would have been partly below ground level)


This can be viewed by arrangement at our warehouse in Pulborough.